Levi's Jeans. An American Tradition.

Levi's jeans have been around forever.  Levi's popularity took off in the 1970's.  Back in those days you had limited choices for jeans until Levi's expanded their line of Levi's jeans.  Most people wore the Levi's 505 Rigid jeans.  The only method to soften the Levi's 505 Rigid jean was to run over it with your car.  Finally Levi's introduced many finishes to their jeans like Rinsed, Medium Stonewash, Light Stonewash, Dark Stonewash, and Black.  Plus Levi's introduced many different besides Regular Fit like Relaxed Fit, Loose Fit, Slim Fit, Skinny Fit, Boot Cut, and many more.  Levi's has come along ways and Levi's is always looking to keep coming up with new denim ideas.  Levi's  America's Jeans Since 1873.
Levi's Jeans.  An American Tradition.
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